July 13, 2017 Christiana Tegart

My Greenway Story

For quite some I had heard that Calgary was going to build a trail that went all around the city. But I didn’t think that the trail was actually near completion. When driving on Stoney Trail, I’d often see people walking or cycling along a path that paralleled the ring road. One afternoon we decided to cycle the path from Saddleridge to see where it went, it was there that I first noticed the signs for the greenway. Then a few weeks later we were out for a walk in the Weaslehead and I noticed the same signs. This trail must go a long way, I thought to myself. That night I decided to google the pathname to see where it started and ended. And that my friends, is how I discovered the Rotary/Mattamy Greenway.

My husband and I had already decided we were going to cycle the entire path this summer, not once but twice. Our strategy was to pick a starting point, cycle out along the path to a predefined point and then turn around and go back to our starting point. Our next trip, would start where we left off. The summer challenge fit in nicely with our plans.
On the first day of the challenge we loaded our bikes on the truck and started in Evanston and rode our way to Tuscany and back. It was nice to cycle through the neighbourhoods and had the challenge of a few hills along the way. Actually, those hills are not too challenging when you have an electric bike to help you up those hills!

The next trip took us from Tuscany to Edworthy Park, this is my favourite route of the trail, along the river and through Bowness Park, we took a few detours there. Edworthy to the Weaselhead was our next trip. Our longest trip was from the Weaselhead through Fish Creek. With a few detours, we logged over 50km. Our final trip in the summer challenge took us from Fish Creek through Cranston, Seton and Auburn Bay. Although we logged all our kms in the summer challenge, we aren’t finished yet. We still have the south east side of the trail to experience, we will start at the new hospital in Seton and make our way North. I am looking forward to cycling through the wetlands in the south east and on the Ralph Klein Park. Join us as we cycle our way around the city in 2017.




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